FedEx Hold for Pickup

WAITING FOR DELIVERY IS THE WORST. Instead of playing that game, you can schedule your flowers to be shipped to the nearest FedEx Station to hold for pickup. That way, you can pick up at your convenience and say something fabulous upon arrival like, "I'm here for the dahlias, Benjamin."

Read more about FedEx's available Hold for Pickup locations in your area.

Here's how to roll with this option:

  • Use the link above to find a FedEx location near you
  • Enter your address and click "Search"
  • Check the box titled "Hold/Pickup"
  • Copy and paste 'Company Name' and 'Address' into our Shipping Address field when you checkout
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to input the FIRST and LAST NAME of the person who will be picking up the flowers. FEDEX REQUIRES AN ID.
  • Enter your phone number, or the person picking up the flowers, as most stations will call when it is ready for pickup.

FedEx Hold For Pickup Example

Oct 2, 2023

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