What are your terms and conditions?

1. Commitment To Follow All Directions:
I understand that I am accepting the role of florist for my event. It is my responsibility to read the instructions provided, and follow directions.
It is the customer's responsibility to properly care for flowers. Moxie Blooms is not liable for products mishandled by clients. We go to great lengths on each product page to explain in detail how to care for each flower. We provide in-depth instructions on our Flower Care 101 page that contains a prep video and PDF flower care instructions.

2. Delivery and Shipments:
I am responsible for accepting my delivery. FedEx/UPS/DHL may or may not leave it at the door, it's up to the discretion of the driver. Moxie Blooms is not responsible for stolen boxes or damaged product due to being left on the porch during inclement weather. Moxie Blooms is not responsible for FedEx/UPS/DHL or shipping delays, as we cannot control the weather or mechanical delays that impact shipping carriers.
Customers who are not present at time of delivery requiring FedEx/UPS/DHL to hold onto the package forfeit any rights to refunds, no exceptions.  If you miss your delivery it is your responsibility to coordinate a redelivery or pickup. Moxie Blooms is unable to help with redelivery per FedEx/UPS/DHL rules.

3. Accurate Event Information:
You are responsible for providing the correct information for your event, including but not limited to the delivery date. Moxie Blooms is able to accommodate Tuesday-Friday deliveries only. If you provide inaccurate information to us, we will be unable to ship replacements or issue a refund (if needed) and any claims will be denied.

4. 5% Loss Rule - Not Every Flower Will Be Perfect:
I understand not every bud will be perfect and a loss of 5-10% or less is normal.
Moxie Blooms guarantees the general quality and freshness of the flower shipment as a whole. All flowers require hydration after shipping, and we request that all customers immediately and carefully prep the flowers and let them hydrate for 1 hour before removing wrapping.
Flowers are a natural product and therefore demonstrate some uniqueness, including spots and variations in color. For this reason, our guarantee does not include the natural variations and imperfections that occur. Moxie Blooms does not guarantee that every stem will be the same and free of imperfections. There may be a few stems that you do not include in your arrangements. This is part of the preparation and design process. As you prep your flowers, and trim away the leaves, stems, and extra greenery, you will break or lose a few stems as part of this process. This is what florists do.

5. Flower Substitution Policy:
I understand Moxie Blooms reserves the right to make changes and substitutions. All substitutions and changes are only done as a last resort, and only when the reasons for doing so are reasonable and genuine. For example, if a certain bloom is unavailable or the flowers are below par and not in a condition to grace an event function, they are changed from Moxie Blooms’ side. Any substitutes will be on par with your original order, meaning we will not sub out carnations for garden roses. The cost will be proportionate.

6. Claims/Refund/Replacement Flowers:
I understand I am to contact Moxie Blooms IMMEDIATELY or within 24 hours of delivery if there are any issues with my order like damaged flowers, major color discrepancies, or missing bunches. We cannot issue refunds for slight color variations. I understand that no flowers can be thrown away until Moxie Blooms authorizes it.
Moxie Blooms will not reimburse you for flowers purchased on your own. We will only refund or replace our own flowers, and only when a claim is made within the first 24 hours of delivery, and must be accompanied with pictures. Any claims can be sent to ORDERS@MOXIEBLOOMS.COM or submitted here on our Flower Support Form.
Claims submitted after the event, not within 24 hours of delivery, or without sending photos will be refused. No exceptions.

7. Cancellations:
Moxie Blooms allows for cancellations 30 days prior to scheduled delivery date. No refunds will be provided for cancellations inside 30 days of the scheduled delivery date as the flowers have already been purchased and secured. No Exceptions.
Excessive order changes may incur an additional fee and is at our sole discretion.

8. Order Changes:
You can add or change as many flowers as you want as long as the change is made at least 30 days before your delivery date.
Add-on or change requests less than 14 days before the delivery date carry an expedited fee of $25.
While we strive to be customer-first, we are not always able to accommodate change requests.
To make changes to your order please email orders@moxieblooms.com with the list of items you would like to add on.

9. Refusal of Service:
The Services are offered subject to our acceptance of your order or requests. We reserve the right to refuse service to any order, person or entity, without the obligation to assign reason for doing so.
Customers who are rude, excessively demanding, or use hate speech will have their order canceled and money refunded at any time.

10. Copyrights:
All content included on Moxie Blooms’ Site, including but not limited to the design of the site, the site as a whole, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, software and other material (collectively referred to as our “Content”), is the property of Moxie Blooms and is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. The collection, arrangement and assembly of all Content on the Site is the exclusive property of Moxie Blooms and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

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